You’re not alone if you’re growing weary during this season. The storms around you and the exhaustion within you are the enemy’s attempts to discourage you from reaching your destination on the other side. But bruised and beaten, fatigued and weak, you keep going. You refuse to give up. Everyone sees your smile, but sometimes […]


As my will and life abide deep in you Lord, I’m beginning to recognize the authority I have over the enemy. You’ve opened the door to your Kingdom, and I choose how close I am to you as I walk through. I can remain common and comfortable, or I can push in deeper. It’s clear, […]

Deep Relationship

We don’t have to struggle or complicate things to have a deep relationship with God. Like every connection worth having, it takes time, commitment, communication (speaking, praying and listening), trust, vulnerability, faith, honesty, and love. It’s like the connection with our spouse—we can adore them and shower them with love and share in quality times […]


Exhausted is an understatement. Have you ever noticed that the further we go from our relationship with the Lord, the more drained we feel? No amount of coffee or sleep seems to do justice! Going back into an old (and way too familiar) routine seems easier. Sometimes we slowly allow those moments to turn into […]


Have you ever told yourself there has to be something more? There must be a level of faith that I haven’t yet reached. I want to be able to experience the Holy Spirit in a way I never have. If you are just beginning your walk with Jesus or you have walked with him an […]


If you’re a wife, mother, “auntie” or a single woman, you’ve got family. It doesn’t matter if they’re family by blood or family you’ve chosen. Both can hold a special place in our hearts. Living a kingdom lifestyle helps elevate any type of family to its truest and purest form. God has a special purpose […]


When it comes to healthy living, we’ve all felt challenged at some point. The world offers many sweet and salty treats that at times are hard to resist. When God created the earth, he created seeds and animals that would grow to feed and nourish his people. He didn’t create cakes, ice cream and pizza […]