As my will and life abide deep in you Lord, I’m beginning to recognize the authority I have over the enemy.

You’ve opened the door to your Kingdom, and I choose how close I am to you as I walk through. I can remain common and comfortable, or I can push in deeper.

It’s clear, reading your Word, that it’s your will for me to fight. Teach me to gain knowledge and wisdom along the way and to never stop learning from you.  

I commit to actively keep the enemy exposed, and myself armed, prayed up and willing to go to war for the Kingdom. I can’t settle for being content when souls are lost, marriages are failing, and our children are falling victim to the lies of this progressively evil-moving world.

Your Word is living and active and sharper than any double-edge sword (Hebrews 4:12). It doesn’t belong on a shelf, inactive in my life. You don’t want the authority you’ve given me to remain idle.  

You didn’t just call me. You’ve equipped me. You never asked me to go alone. Should I ever try to step back out of fear or doubt, remind me that I’m yours, you’re there and I belong to you. Guide me in the power you’ve given me in the name above all names, JESUS CHRIST.

I will continue to receive your supernatural ability, understanding and will for my life. I know I’ll fail every time without you. It would be devastating to have access to this authority, only to let it die out, never responding to my calling—or worse—never equipping myself with it in the first place.

Heavenly Father, you are all-powerful, the Creator of all things. You deserve all the GLORY. There is nothing new under the sun to you!  

The day is coming when I will give account for how I used my time, talent, and authority you’ve given me. I pray that when I step out of the earth into eternity with you, I will have given my all, fully doing what you have asked of me.

I pray for a fresh new fire of the Holy Spirt to be poured out. I call on you. Use me as your hands and feet! I will continue to draw nearer to you, Lord, under the cover of my secret, safe place in your protection. I cancel and resist any assignments from the enemy that urge me to go anywhere without you.

I pray this in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.