Deep Relationship

We don’t have to struggle or complicate things to have a deep relationship with God.

Like every connection worth having, it takes time, commitment, communication (speaking, praying and listening), trust, vulnerability, faith, honesty, and love. It’s like the connection with our spouse—we can adore them and shower them with love and share in quality times of intimacy.

We’ve got a choice. We can be honest, faithful, and vulnerable with our hearts and trust them fully. Or we can skip the effort and dismiss the key principles it takes to make the relationship solid. Both actions have outcomes.

Ultimately, it’s our will and choice what we pour into them. We can’t expect the same in return if we ourselves don’t give it. Our Father is there waiting and longing for us to come to him on every level where we’re willing to meet him.

Yet stronger than any other relationship in your life is the one with God and His agape love. He loves you ALWAYS. Nothing can ever separate you from his love (Romans 8:35-37 & Ephesians 3:18-19)! He doesn’t leave, ignore, neglect, or forsake you.

The Lord simply wants you and what you choose to give Him.

His grace is always sufficient for you no matter how you meet Him.