Have you ever told yourself there has to be something more? There must be a level of faith that I haven’t yet reached. I want to be able to experience the Holy Spirit in a way I never have.

If you are just beginning your walk with Jesus or you have walked with him an entire lifetime there is always room to deepen your faith within Him. Faith is something that will save you when you need rescuing and dry your tears when you need comfort. When you put your faith into the Holy Spirit your life transforms. The Lord is calling upon his daughters now. He is looking for all types of women, the Esters and the Deborahs to step into a higher realm with him through faith, prayer, and intersession. He is the one that will show us what path we should take in our lives. He will blossom his daughters and lead their lives in the direction he had originally planned for them. Take this as an invitation to draw into our father and grow deeper in faith with Him.

Grow yourself through him. Take the leap. He will never let you down.

With Jesus all things are possible, beloved daughter of our King!!