Healed and set free – life changing moments from women just like you!

In and out of a relationship with God for many years, I was just like Jonah, running from my calling. The Lord found me in 2001 struggling with addiction and many other worldly coping mechanisms, trying to cover up pain. From the first time I spoke with Teena, I knew that I needed her guidance to help me build my relationship with God. Teena spoke softly and lovingly. I lost my earthly mother at an early age. She was just as broken as I was, so she wasn’t able to give me love and tenderness. God put Mama Teena—just the right person—in my path to love on me and share His heart. She showed me how to have grace for those around me—and myself. 

Teena walked me through healing, spoke truth over me, taught me how to love the little girl in my heart, and showered me with God’s love. So now I’ve been able to radiate that energy to my family and those around me. One day, I was in the hospital giving birth, and a challenge came up in my family. I was hurt, furious, and ready to walk away from my marriage. But Mama Teena called and told me to stand firm in Christ and to see what He was doing in my life.

I learned that it wasn’t about me. My part was to love and have compassion. And my marriage was restored. Thank you, Teena, for who you’ve helped me become. I bless you as the mother of many women and men. I bless your family for being “about my Father’s business” in every area.

 — Kari Mulligan

I had become accustomed to this world, filled with everything I thought I could ever “need.” One day while at work, I made a call to a customer who asked if she could pray over me. Nervous, I said, “Yes.”

Teena spoke life over me—directly to my heart! She spoke words only God could know, things I was struggling with. My heart was opened, raw and bare. I felt fire in my belly, and any uncertainty I had that day left me.

I went home that night and picked up my bible for the first time in 15 years. I prayed, “God, help me know you. I need real peace. I’m filled with nothing but anxiety, doubt, fear, and unbelief. Please forgive me. I want to start new with you.”

I cried, talked to him, confessed, got angry and cried some more. I wanted a relationship with Jesus, to truly be His—without man-made religion. I was ready to walk in truth, covered, protected and loved.

Teena’s prayer impacts lives, marriages, relationships, communities, generations, and nations.

Since rekindling my first love, I feel peace and joy. I’m continuing to align my will with his and partaking in His Kingdom here.

If you’re reading this, may the grace of God cover you, the words and actions of Jesus guide you, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit comfort you.

 Krystal Roberts

I have been pastoring since I was seventeen years old. I think God said, “Rhonda needs her own pastoral pastor.” I’d been helping others for 44 years, not realizing that I hadn’t taken time for my own heart to heal.

Since meeting with Teena Starr and doing inner healing, I’ve been detoxing my soul and emotions. I find myself trusting God with all my heart for my family and finances. I have more faith, joy, and inner peace.

God calls Teena Starr “Healer of Emotions.” Her hugs make you feel loved from deep within and they melt your heart! What a gift from God Teena Starr is!

 Rhonda Small

I am truly honored to have been a part of this. My life has truly changed from the very first moment I met with Teena Starr. She is truly God-sent! The hunger that she has for God brought me so much closer to him.

As my mentor, Teena taught me how to be the greatest example of Jesus Christ. She is one who truly fears the Lord. I’ve never experienced anything more powerful than seeing someone’s love for God.

Teena is faithful to God, just as she is faithful to her husband. She is surely the Proverbs 31 woman. Teena taught me ways to live happily and keys to a blessed marriage. With her help, my marriage has been transformed and is amazing.

The greatest teaching is experiencing fear of the Lord and having that content of heart knowing to be satisfied with Him. Teena, you are truly a blessing in my heart and life. I’m so thankful to have someone love me where I’m at. My prayer is that this will extend to a whole different dimension.

— Myrah Kanahele-Gerardo

Kingdom Wife Kingdom Life and the Starr family have helped me grow in countless ways. I’m forever grateful! Teena has worked with me one-on-one over the years. We dug deep and sifted through my past traumas.

With her help, I was able to rewrite my hurt memories with God by my side. The hurting little girl inside of me now feels at ease. I have learned to love God first and to fill myself up with His love, which has allowed me to walk through life with a soft, graceful demeanor.

The more I work with Teena and Kingdom Wife Kingdom Life, the more healed and at peace I feel. I have always believed in Holy Spirit, but with Teena’s help, I am now able to take my faith to the next level and create a real relationship with the Lord.

— Emily Raby